Reasons Why

Four Reasons Why

We have found that people go to Chiropractors for 4 main reasons. The first, is for an Ache or Pain, for example, lower back pain or neck pain and they have heard we might be able to help. The second is for correction of a major condition or disease. These are people who have typically been everywhere and tried everything and have not gotten the results they wanted and have ended up in our office as a last resort. Third, there are those people who have fit into one of the first two categories and have found that what got them healthy can also keep them health so they come in for prevention. And last, and the biggest part of our practice, is for wellness. These are people who participate in ongoing Chiropractic care with their families, live life to the fullest, and realize that if others do the same, we can make our community a better place to live. We love that!

Three types of care

  1. Initial Intensive Care: This is designed to help you with your current problem, give you relief and ensure maximum up-front healing. In doing so, Initial Intensive Care helps eliminate the latest layer of damage of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex and Subluxation Degeneration. This is where the majority of all new patients begin.
  2. Reconstructive Care: This is designed to begin improving your whole body health, not just relieve your entrance complaint. It is intended to help your whole body rebuild itself. Reconstructive Care begins when Initial Intensive Care is complete.
  3. Wellness Care: This is designed to continue to increase your whole body health and create the greatest degree of Wellness throughout your lifetime. This is the optimal type of care in the office to not only prevent future problems but to help you live life to the fullest.